Fables is a storytelling circle in Aberystwyth and Ceredigion, which gathers bi-monthly to share stories.

We meet at:
The Bookshop by the Sea, South Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth.

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Join our Facebook group to find out when the next one is on.

Come along, bring a story or three, and a listening heart.

NEXT UP: Join us at the Goblin Masquerade on 12th March, there's a free market 1-6pm with an open mic at 4pm for stories, music and poetry, followed by a show and a Masked Ball in the evening. Click for details!

(Hosted by Halo Quin)

A dark haired person crossing a shadowy forest bridge, seen from behind, off on an adventure with text: "Fables"
The Goblin Masquerade - an event in Borth, Ceredigion, 12th March 2022 - click for details